Zhongtian technology won the top 10 Chinese cable industry the most competitive enterprises


    Recently, Zhongtian Technology won the Chinese cable industry's top ten most competitive enterprises in Shanghai held the title of 2014 China Conference on the wire and cable industry. 

    ZTT as the vanguard of China's cable industry, adhering to focus on "precision manufacturing" spirit of enterprise, ZTT's main fiber-optic communications, power transmission products and new energy products has formed nearly a hundred series, thousands of varieties, include our optical cables latest products and technologies, to fill a number of gaps, the only two countries bear the auspices of the Ministry of Science major issue in the cable industry, "second five" 863 submarine: "The deep sea ROV, dragging the body and other equipment with armored cable technology "," deep optical composite cable with wet plug interface technology. "Our products are widely used in major telecommunications, electricity operators and broadcasting, transport, energy, defense and other fields, and promote the national construction, smart grid construction, marine development and national defense construction. 

    The conference is sponsored by the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Cable Branch, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute co-sponsored the conference theme: Focus upgrade and enhance their competitiveness.

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